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  • New original oil paintings

    William H Jones There are many new original oil paintings by William H Jones to be seen in the gallery at the moment. William has painted most of them on site in the vicinity of Arnside and Silverdale and they include
  • Mayday Sale

    Original Paintings Reduced. In our Mayday Sale we have 10% off all our original Rozanne Bell  paintings. Also all of our Allan Morgan original acrylic paintings are reduced by 10%. Just go to ORIGINAL PAINTINGS in the list under SHOP.
  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all our customers and friends. We have a small exhibition of William H Jones work in the gallery at the moment, with twenty paintings and charcoal drawings. There is also a range of his prints available many
  • Autumn Days

    We love autumn here at Finestra. Its that time of year where the leaves are turning amber and beginning to fall. For that nip in the air we have lots of lovely new scarves to keep warm and cosy, together
  • Darach

    Know someone who likes a drink? Here at Finestra Gallery we now have a range of Darach furniture and whisky glass sets. Craftsmen make them by hand in Scotland from reclaimed oak whisky barrels. All the pieces are from Inverness and are made from curved oak
The William H Jones Studio is open five days a week from Wednesday until Sunday from 10.00am until 5.00pm